Annamarie Mann

Senior Consultant


Annamarie partners with leaders, teams, and individuals to think more strategically about their vision and act more intentionally towards their goals. Most of her free time is spent with the Mann Clan: watching soccer games, listening to musical instruments, and monitoring the shenanigans.

Annamarie’s professional career has been dedicated to educating, leading, advising and partnering with others to maximize human potential and performance. She joined the Bravium team after an eight-year tenure with Gallup where she served as a workplace consultant, the Employee Engagement Practice Manager, and the Workplace Analytics Practice Manager.

Life is full in the Mann house. She has become the proverbial, middle schooler chauffer. When she’s not driving to or attending an event, Annamarie and her husband enjoy cooking, spending time outdoors, dancing in the kitchen, or watching cooking shows with their children. The Colorado mountains are always calling them, so they visit often.


“I’m a mover and a shaker, but not in the typical sense. Before the age of 18, I moved over a dozen times and developed a unique skill for assessing people and environments. As the ‘new kid’, I had to quickly figure out how to relate to others in order to thrive and adapt to different situations. In the process, I developed a deep appreciation for the nuances of human behavior. I guess you could say I became a social scientist at a very young age.”