How Well Do You Know Your Customers?


Customers are why we are in business. (Even if you work internally, you still have customers.) There would be no reason to come to work without them. 

Seems obvious, right?

How much do you know about your customers?

You likely know if they are male or female, their age, the products or services they buy from you, and what region of the country they may live. However, if someone said they know you are a 42-year-old female who buys coffee and lives in the Midwest, would you think they “know” you? 

Why not? 

It is because the person they are describing could be anyone. It doesn’t come close to knowing you, not the way a friend knows you. It doesn’t say anything about what makes you unique and special. It doesn’t even tell us if you like cream or sugar in your coffee, or that you like it from that local little coffee shop with the friendly baristas who know your name.

It doesn’t come close to knowing you, not the way a friend knows you.

What is an 8-star experience to them?

Knowing your customer is one of the most strategic acts a person can make and it is something lacking in many organizations. What motivates your customer? What jobs do they need to be done? What’s most valuable to them, enough for them to pay you for it? What is an 8-star experience to them? What are their fears, hopes, and dreams? How might you help them be their best? Why do they buy the competition? What would it take to get them to switch to you instead?

What’s most valuable to them, enough for them to pay you for it? 

See it for yourself.

Answering these questions requires work, lots of work. It means you can’t make assumptions or ask your spouse and kids what they think. It means you need to talk to your customers, observe them in action, and be where they are so you can experience their life. You cannot trust everything they say in a survey; you need to see it for yourself.

Do it long enough, and you just may know your customer better than they know themselves.

Want to be more strategic?

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Jeff Shannon