Shifting focus to the right things.

A Fortune 500 engineering and construction firm based in North America was looking for help with their annual business planning for their technology department. While the company had engaged in strategic planning and facilitation services with another vendor, the leadership team was seeking a new partner to amp up the creativity and drive positive internal change.


The Situation:

The technology department in particular had gone through a change in leadership. The leaders saw this as an opportunity to reshape culture, develop a new identity and drive impact throughout the rest of the organization.

Leaders in the department recognized the importance of strategic thinking and the planning process, but were not impressed by their experience in working through the traditional strategic planning approach offered by most experts in the field.

We knew we needed to get the right people involved. A lot of companies seemed to have a cookie cutter approach. We needed someone who would listen and help us customize a process to our goals. We saw that in Bravium.
— Chris, CIO

The Solution:

Bravium worked with the company to outline a 4-year plan to help them reshape their business planning process, transform culture, and empower their team through intentional communication.

The plan was built so that the benefits would compound, year after year. Each year, the focus changed slightly to move from foundation to results.


The approach instituted a language around “Ways We Win” – a catch phrase that helped encompass a focus on the right things, for the right reasons, with the right people.

Through this process, specific outcomes that Bravium helped with included:

  • Develop a set of cultural pillars to guide conversations, strategies, and internal buy-in.

  • Identify capabilities of their people

  • Improve dialogue between leaders and influencers

  • Design five areas of key insights

  • Plan and host an annual employee meeting

  • Design an action plan to improve employee engagement

The deliverables included a number of modalities including workshops, surveys, interviews, in person events, and more.

Were pushed to set the bar high. But it was realistic because our goals were broken into bite-sized chunks, and then brought back together for a holistic look at the future.
— Jessica / Sr. Manager, Quality & Testing


The company is still working with Bravium on the last part of the 4-year process, but the tangible and intangible results have been compounding since day one.

When surveyed, leaders cited a 23% increase in the team living and adopting the culture pillars, and influencers also cited a 30% increase, leaving a tangible impact in the organization. Leaders also note that this process has fundamentally shifted the foundation and culture of the company, which can be seen in the way people come to work each day.

This is expressed in higher level transformations, such as:

  • Being more intentional about the initiatives they take on inside the company.
  • Having a framework for measuring the value of opportunities.
  • Clarity on the message of what they do and HOW they do it.

Leaders cited a 23% increase in the team living and adopting the culture pillars.

Leaders cited a 23% increase in the team living and adopting the culture pillars.

Influencers cited a 30% increase in the team living and adopting the culture pillars.

Influencers cited a 30% increase in the team living and adopting the culture pillars.


Executives are ecstatic to have a strategy partner that keeps them accountable and helps them follow through on what they want to accomplish.

As a result of working with Bravium, the organization is moving toward a more mature structure, with indicators such as:

  • Doing only the work that drives results
  • Making it easier to make progress
  • Reshaping and restructuring their entire department
We weren’t ready for how hard it was going to be, but having Bravium there helped us succeed and they made it fun. If you company is ready for change, they are your people.
— Jessica / Sr. Manager, Quality & Testing

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