Nicole Bianchi



Nicole is a facilitator, speaker, strategist and master coach. New adventures make her smile, and creating butterfly moments with family and friends. She gets refueled at the beach or with a nice glass of wine at the end of the day.

Nicole’s first biz was digging up worms at age 9 to sell to bait shops. It was gross and it failed. She always wanted to run a business and gained experience leading at Conagra Brands & Markel Insurance. She will never forget the day she decided to make the leap and start Bravium. She hasn’t looked back.

Jeff makes fun of Nicole’s action-packed calendar (which is code for an active lifestyle with her husband and three teenage children). Growth for the Bianchi crew is important — creating traditions and living the life they imagined. No, they aren't related to the Bianchis that make bikes, wine or gun holsters. But her son, Nic, is the founder of Bianchi Candle Co.


  • BS - University of Nebraska, Executive Education at Stanford and Michigan Ross School of Business

  • Certified Master Hudson Coach 

  • American Cancer Society Board Member 

“I love to over-hashtag. I coached the first ever all girls flag football team to win the championship in an all boys league. I may have a lot of Phil Collins songs on my playlists. Bucket list item — extra with speaking part in a movie.”