Jeff Shannon



Jeff is a facilitator, strategist, creator and coach. He’s a family man who loves shooting hoops with his son Brady, skiing with his daughter Mallory and going to dinner and a movie with wife Jen.

Since he was a kid, Jeff wanted to start a business. He grew up and spent 17 years at Conagra, leading the Banquet Frozen Meals business. There he discovered a love for designing strategy, driving culture, and innovation. A friend’s recommendation to meet with Nicole led to the ideal opportunity to return to his childhood dream of building a business doing work he loves.

Jeff is early to rise, beginning each day with a coffee and a book in his hand. He enjoys walks with Chewy, a Cavapoo; that’s comical to watch because of the difference in size. He’s trying to master the handstand, a skill that is still outside his reach after 15 years. And because he enjoys a challenge and a bit of suffering at age 42, he practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a few times per week. He does his best and most creative thinking in the morning, and it’s him who needs an 8:0o PM bedtime, not the kids.

  • MBA from University of Nebraska-Omaha

  • Certified Hudson Executive Coach

  • Special Olympics Board Member & Coach

If I were to give you one piece of advice it would be “done is better than perfect.” It’s my personal reminder to take risks and put myself out there. Momentum is more important than quality in the beginning!